Train ticket to Paris – Living an exciting experience in the city of light

There is no doubt that the most excellent way to spend your vacations this year is buying a train ticket to Paris especially if this is your first trip to the French capital. This is an ancient city that performs as a modern metropolis and in virtue of that it has a lot of interesting places to visit and activities to do for people of all ages and tastes.

Once in Paris you will be feeling plenty of options that will make your mind twists; therefore, be prepared in advanced with a flexible program according to the duration of your stay. That way if you have enough time you do everything scheduled but starting with the most relevant alternatives, just in case.

This is the capital of the world, an important European metropolis and a universal art center. Fashion, gastronomy and culture fill out every space there and it is impossible to ignore any section of this fantastic mixture. For instance, the first day you are compelled to go to the Eiffel Tower, the greatest representation of the Parisian spirit, with more than 300 meters it will allow you to enjoy completely the urban sight.

Besides that, try the Cathedral of Notre Dame the gothic architecture masterpiece from the 12th century. Do you remember Quasimodo, the hunchback? It was his home for many years as Victor Hugo’s famous play states. Paris is well known for its prominent designer stores located along the rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré.

The celebrated Louvre Museum made popular again by Dan Brown’s book, The Da Vinci Code, houses the “Mona Lisa”, the Leonard’s most famous painting. On the right bank of the Seine River, in the neighborhood of Montmartre, you can see the Basilica of the Sacred Heart. The city’s outdoor cafes are an institution for casual food and people talking. Gourmet restaurants, bistros, markets and bakeries reflect other aspects of France’s legendary culinary heritage.