Most scenic and beautiful driving roads in Yorkshire

Yorkshire is a very good-looking county with beautiful scenes and lush green meadows that can be found throughout the county. There is no better way to enjoy the beauty of the county by having a ride with your friends and loved ones through Yorkshire.

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Top Scenic roads in Yorkshire

The following are some of the roads of Yorkshire that will provide you with some best-looking scenery.

Cliff gate road

This road is about 7 miles long and is famous after hosting the start of the Tour de France in 2014.  This road is also famously known as butter tubs pass and are one of the fun and cool places to drive.

  • This road has stunning scenery with steep climbs, tight corners, and descent. This road also has a beautiful hard raw force waterfall.
  • This waterfall can be a pit stop from your journey and you can have a nice picnic there.

The road from Helmsley to Stokesley

This road between Helmsley to Stokesley is about 19 miles long and passes straight through North York moors national park.

  • You will have one of the best driving experiences there.
  • Although this road is a bit long you will find it is worth seeing in the end.

You can really enjoy the art of driving on this road as it is full of bends and tight turns accompanied by a beautiful view of the national park on either side.

The road from Hawes to Ingleton

This road is south-westwards and will take you to the next county of Lancashire if you drive long enough. You will find stunning views of green meadows on both sides of the road along with some of the vintage bridges.

You will also come across the famous settle to Carlisle railway on this road which presents a very iconic image across the beautiful valley. This road is about 17 miles long and we promise you will have one of the best experiences of your life on this road.

The road from Pickering to sleights

This road is also 17 miles long starting from moorland and passing through RAF fylingdales in the north. This road also a place called a hole of horcum on the west side of the road.

This road has beautiful valleys which present several beautiful scenes as you continue the road. There are several spots on the road where you stop and take pictures.

The road from Stainforth to Malham

This road is full of ups and downs, tight corners, and passes through dry stone walls. There are many eye-catching sceneries on this road that will leave you speechless. There is also a very famous and beautiful Malham cove on this road which is a tourist point. You can stop there to relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery.


If you give yourself a driving treat filled with beautiful scenery, then there are many roads in Yorkshire that can be a perfect choice. You can book a rental car online or on arrival. There are many car rental companies in the area and in England. No matter which road you choose from Yorkshire county, we promise that you will have a once in a lifetime experience.