Luxury hotels in Berlin

Berlin has recently become one of the most visited European cities by the Spanish. Moreover, it is a very suitable destination for a trip taking advantage of a bridge because in the capital of Germany you will find many and varied attractions.

Berlin is a huge city. It is the largest city in Europe, surpassing cities like London and Paris, although with its 3.4 million inhabitants has much lower population density, which you will appreciate in your tourist days.

Berlin is a city that is in fashion. Young, modern, culturally very active, is currently one of the fashionable metropolis of Europe. The times of the historical division between east and west and the wall are far away. Today it is a point of attraction for young professionals and artists who have energized the city’s downtown neighborhoods to make them an avant-garde focus.

Majestic Berlín

This renewed life of the city allows tourism in Berlin to be one of the best options for travelers seeking European destinations.

It is a combination of history, modernity and cultural life more or less alternative that allows us to immerse ourselves during the days of our visit in a city tremendously alive, but still retains many traces of history that has marked its character.

The Reichstag, the Brandenburg Gate, the TV Tower, are only three of the many attractions of the city. The government district, places with privileged views, attractions and shows, churches and palaces, or unique tips to enjoy all the faces of this vibrant capital.

Interested in a tour of classic Berlin? Or more in exploring the different neighborhoods? Or maybe a bike ride along the way where the old Berlin Wall used to stand?

The most important thing is that the best areas to stay in the German capital, is making a reservation at luxury hotels in Berlin. Only there you can rest from a day of walking through this incredible city.