Dr. Diego Dougherty: an integral professional

Dr. Diego Dougherty is one of the most renowned in his home country of Guatemala. His vocation for service, desire for helping his patients, and immense professionalism have made him worthy of great affection and admiration within the medical field, and this is something each and every one of his colleagues can attest to.

Dr. Diego Dougherty began studying medicine from a very young age. He always knew it; he was an innate server. At the age of 18 he enrolled in the Francisco Marroquín University in Guatemala, and there wasn’t a single day that he didn’t give everything he had to stand out.

He was a dedicated, hardworking, smart, and prepared student. He did not leave anything to chance. His academic preparation was the most important thing to him, which is why he gave everything to make of himself an impeccable name from the very beginning of his professional career.

Dr. Diego Dougherty begins his specialization 

After graduating as a medical surgeon, Dr. Diego Dougherty, embarked on a new professional challenge. He wanted to specialize in traumatology and orthopedics at the San Carlos University in Guatemala and once again demonstrated why he was born to be a doctor.

His trajectory was brilliant. Dr. Diego Dougherty knew the function and composition of every single bone, ligament and joint, he was like an open book in class and all his colleagues and classmates felt a deep sense of respect for the knowledge he had and shared.

Dr. Diego Dougherty: passionate about sports surgery

Years later he understood he needed to complement his professional practice with a new specialization That is how he ended up enrolling in the University of Cleveland in the United States to study a subspecialty in arthroscopy and sports surgery.

Dr. Diego Dougherty graduated a couple of years later and was recognized as an eminence in se subject, both by his teachers and classmates.

Dr. Diego Dougherty was studies and meticulous with everything he did, but above all, he was an ethical and responsible professional.